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Art Installation Together: Broken

Bev Ellis | Together: Broken

North Van City Atrium Gallery

December 5- February 23

Artist Talk: January 17 12:15-12:45pm


 Bev’s clay sculptural installation spans 28’ long and 6’ high, a collection of individually carved and slab built multi-fired pieces, reminiscent of a birch forest.  Her distressed and carved surfaces express a metaphor for the human condition and nature, where beauty is found in brokenness. 

Each of the sculpted clay tree forms began as whole 6 foot segments.  In the creation process, each one was cut into three or more sections.The over 100 pieces bear individual markings and subtle colour variations from intentioned formation and through the process of oxidation firings. After firing is completed, the pieces are put back together again. These parts will never match up perfectly as they once were. The cracks are visible reminders of brokenness. The installation draws attention to individual uniqueness, while exploring the shared bond of our humanity, with all of it’s exquisite frailties, and imperfections.

When viewed together at a distance, though different in many ways, the sculptures bear a striking similarity to one another. Seen as a whole, there is conveyed a sense of belonging. Carved into the pieces are textures and words, symbolic of the complex layers of each of our lives. Some marks do not reveal themselves without time and care taken to find them.  There is a story in each one. As in a wood, when looking closely, it becomes possible to really see, awakening an awareness of true beauty and value. 


Later Event: January 17